"On June 24, 2017, Jews who carried a Jewish LGBT Pride flag with a Star of David on it at the “Dyke March Chicago” were singled out by organizers and kicked out of the event, which was held on public property.
The actions were anti-Semitic despite claims by the organizers they were only “anti-Zionist,” as explained in our post, Psychosis-laced anti-Semitism: Anti-Israel LGBT activists ban Star of David from Chicago parade:
Claims of anti-Semitism are being made over actions yesterday by organizers of a “Dyke March” in Chicago to remove certain Jewish participants from the event because they carried a Jewish LGBT Pride Flag that had a Star of David in the Middle of a rainbow flag. The flag was alleged to be “triggering” to “pro-Palestinian” participants….
Was it anti-Semitism? Objectively, yes...
There was swift and widespread condemnation of these actions, so much so that the organizers have struggle to form a new narrative of why they did what they did.
The Dyke March Chicago organizers issued a statement reframing the original explanations for targeting and expulsion, and claiming the people kicked out were disruptive to their anti-Israel message. 
In other words, they are blaming the victims. 
The statement reads in part:
The group in question was heard disrupting chants, replacing the word “Palestine” with “everywhere,” saying: “From everywhere to Mexico, border walls have got to go.” One of the individuals, Laurel Grauer, is the Regional Director of A Wider Bridge, an organization with ties to the Israeli government that was protested for pinkwashing at the Creating Change Conference in Chicago in 2016. It was later revealed that Laurel was aware of Dyke March’s anti-Zionist position from pro-Palestine memes and art that were posted on the Dyke March page, and was also aware of the fact that her flag could be interpreted as being at odds with that position. The night before, she contacted an organizer to ask if her flag would “be protested.” The organizer told her the flag was welcome, but reminded her that the space is one that supports Palestinian rights..."
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