Sunday, July 23, 2017

Stop Blaming Amazon for the Actions of Consumers | The Digital Reader

Stop Blaming Amazon for the Actions of Consumers | The Digital Reader:
"It is always fashionable to hate the winner. 
In 2017, in bookselling, that is Amazon.
...after getting suitably enraged at Amazon, van Essen proceeded to blame Amazon for killing off indie bookstores and chain bookstores.
Why should you be angry? 
Image result for anti capitalist memeIndependent bookstores have survived in spite of the risk of Amazon over the last few decades, squeezing through hard times thanks to their more personal, localized experience.
...This is about the physical bookstore movement.
Even the book chains had to struggle against Amazon.
My local bookstore has had rapid declines in employee hours over the years, and it has been in danger of closing more than once.
...Just like independent bookstores, some book chains have survived in spite of Amazon’s takeover of the book selling industry, and now they are cautiously growing again.
...The real problem with van Essen's piece is that she is angry about "what Amazon has done with the book industry in the last few decades".
The only thing Amazon has done to bookselling is be a better retailer than its competition. 
Amazon hasn't taken nefarious or villainous action against its competitors; instead it has merely offered better prices and better service and then let customers vote with their wallets.
If a bookstore chain dies because customers decide they don't want to shop there any more, is it really the fault of Amazon?"

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