Sunday, July 30, 2017

This is real!-Not the Onion!-----Steve Russo - Baltimore Residents Asked To Temporarily Stop...

Steve Russo - Baltimore Residents Asked To Temporarily Stop..
"Baltimore Residents Asked To Temporarily Stop Killing Each Other For One Weekend... ‘Nobody Kill Nobody’ ...Or Else
"Is that at all possible?
BALTIMORE, Maryland (MSM News Bureau) - A grassroots group has initiated a campaign urging Baltimore citizens to stop killing each other for a few days.
Seasefire Baltimore's message is "Nobody Kill Nobody" from August 4th through the 6th.
"We are asking our residents to get their killing done before that Friday and do other kinds of crimes for a few days. God willing, we are going to have 72 hours of peace, then look the f*ck out," organizer Prophet Rev. Shawanna Dee Dee Jackson told reporters.
Posters have been going up all over Baltimore for the last few weeks.…/bs-md-ci-ceasefire-20170718-s…
I guess all the gun free zone signs aren’t working?
I remember when America was a civilized nation, where we didn't have to ask people not to murder each other. Most Americans just knew it was wrong to kill... I miss that civilized America."

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