Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What are they thinking? - NetRight Daily

What are they thinking? - NetRight Daily:
"You would be hard pressed to find a city in the US that does not have budget problems.
The average citizen probably believes the politicians will raise revenue through taxes.
But a sinister source of revenue is undermining the community trust in police officers. 
Local officials are using police as revenue raisers through fines, fees, and civil asset forfeiture. Unfortunately, the police are often the focal point of anger.
Image result for Policing for profit”Police have a hard-enough job as it is, they shouldn’t change their logo from “To protect and serve” to “Policing for profit”.
It may seem like a typical traffic stop, but the next thing you know, another police car is pulling up behind the police car that already pulled you over.
Why did the officer pull you over?
You weren’t speeding.
You didn’t change lanes.
It could be something as simple as out of state plates headed in the wrong direction.
News Channel 5 in Nashville, Tennessee conducted an analysis of traffic stops made by the Drug Interdiction Crime Enforcement unit (DICE).
What they found was not surprising.
The agents were 10 times more likely to stop someone headed east, the money direction, than headed west, the direction the drugs come from.
This paints a picture of law enforcement not looking for drugs, but the proceeds from drugs, for their own profit..."
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