Sunday, July 16, 2017

Who they are!-----Flashback: Watch a Crazy Lady Verbally Assault Iowa Police Officers

Flashback: Watch a Crazy Lady Verbally Assault Iowa Police Officers:
"This is a video from back in November, but it’s making its way around the interwebs again. Old or not, people who act this nastily, like this women did toward two Iowa police officers, should be shamed...
She was so proud of herself, she live streamed this on Facebook.
There’s a reason this women, and people of her ilk, need to be put on blast. 
Look at the most recent incident in New York where a cop was assassinated by an activist (see Anti-Cop Convict Shoots, Kills Black Police Officer and NYPD Commissioner at Slain Cop’s Funeral: ‘Why is there NO Outrage?!’). 
This leftist attitude toward the police, spurned in many cases by digital mobs who see random stuff on the internet and the politicians who pander to them, fuels this kind of nasty behavior. 
This woman believed she was justified. 
When really she simply needs someone to remove the broom from her rectum..."
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