Sunday, July 02, 2017

Why James O'Keefe Is a More Honest Journalist than the MSM | Roger L. Simon

Why James O'Keefe Is a More Honest Journalist than the MSM | Roger L. Simon
"The rap on James O'Keefe — whose latest bombshell caught CNN's quasi-Marxist star pundit Van Jones with his well-tailored pants down — is that his Project Veritas videos are "unfairly edited."
I have news for O'Keefe's critics. 
All videos (and films) are basically unfairly edited, as Sergei Eisenstein and the early Soviet directors demonstrated a hundred years ago. 
Image result for liberal media liesIt's the nature of the medium. 
Some things get left out and others put in.
Nevertheless, the video or movie camera is a recording device. 
On close examination, looked at specifically, the actual photographs and recordings finally don't lie, juxtapose them how you will. 
  • Van Jones did say "Russia is a nothingburger!" 
  • The network's John Bonifield did call CNN's Russia narrative "bullsh$t" concocted for the money. 
  • The repellent lady from Planned Parenthood did offer to sell fetal parts. 
  • The equally repellent Democratic Party operatives did instigate violent demonstrations at Trump rallies to make the candidate's supporters look like thugs. 
  • O'Keefe himself did walk back and forth undettered across the Rio Grande from Mexico to the USA dressed as Osama bin Laden to show the pathetic level of our border security.

I could go on. 
There are many more, including examples unmasking the shibboleths of voter registration, but the point is obvious. 
Despite some selective editing (but not any that materially alters the facts) and sometimes overly portentous music (why bother when you have the goods?), what James O'Keefe reports is true. 
It happened.
Because they so often rely on leaks — no photographs, videos or anything like them, often nothing concrete at all — what the New York TimesWashington Post, CNN and so many others (even the front pages of the Wall Street Journal, alas) report is very often, one is tempted to say most often, either a distortion or an outright lie. 
This is particularly true when what they are reporting has political relevance — and so much does..."

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