Monday, July 24, 2017

"Yesterday I asked how much of an enemy is... - Christopher Buckley

(9) "Yesterday I asked how much of an enemy is Russia? - Christopher Buckley:
""Yesterday I asked how much of an enemy is Russia.
Here's my take:

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  • Russia is small (144M people, $2T economy). 
  • It seems to be taking it's Christianity more seriously than Western Europe does (a different flavor than we are used to, but still an ideological counter to Islam). 
  • Putin is a rival and an old school monarch. 
  • He has his interests which he pursues and he doesn't have a problem using spies, secret police and assassinations. 
  • But he's not the leader of an ideological movement. 
  • He's not funding communist ideological insurgencies around the globe.

...Putin has a lessened military threat than the Soviets and is engaging in Geopolitics.
He's not leading an ideological movement, sending emigres or subverting our internal ideology. 
So I just don't see him as an existential threat.
We have 2 threats and 2 rivals:
Threat: Cultural Marxism, Globalism, Open Borders, etc.
Threat: Islam
Rival: Russia
Rival: China
So overall, I think that Putin is not a threat and more of a rival. 
Potentially a frenemy. 
Few monarchs are paragons of virtue.
But he's not really a threat and he's actually less of a threat than Europe.
Not that Europe will do anything to us militarily, but can rot us from within...– Jeffrey Varasano"
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