Sunday, August 13, 2017

Blog: Guess who pays for those $150,000 Columbia journalism degrees?

Blog: Guess who pays for those $150,000 Columbia journalism degrees?
Image result for obama free money"There's been some brouhaha about Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism's new data journalism degree, which comes with a whopping $150,000 price tag for the three-semester Master's degree. 
The lowly median annual wage for journalists is being repeatedly cited as reason for the questionability of the degree. At Forbes, Preston Cooper notes:
The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that job opportunities for reporters and correspondents will shrink by 8% over the next decade. These jobs currently pay a median annual wage of $37,820.
....What is questionable is the issue of who pays for the degree. 
President Obama put limits on repaying back student loans at the 20-year mark, meaning anyone who takes out debt at the $150,000 level is only going to be repaying a fraction of that debt. 
The taxpayers will pick up the remainder of the tab. 
Should the taxpayers be paying for that? 
Particularly if the journalists being turned out end up being advocacy journalists on just one side of the political spectrum? 
That is worth asking..."
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