Friday, August 04, 2017

Blog: The wages of WaPo leaks: Who benefits?

Blog: The wages of WaPo leaks: Who benefits?
"Our system of government is under attack, with the ability of the chief executive to conduct foreign policy crippled by the leak of transcripts of two presidential conversations with foreign leaders. 
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Any conversation between the POTUS and a foreign leader must be assumed to be taking place in public, so honesty is out of the question.
The Washington Post, owned byJeff Bezos,  the world’s richest, or second-richest, or at worst third-richest man, fired a warning shot to the leaders of all the world’s nations that they are subject to the public gaze in their conversations with Trump. 
The presidency and therefore the nation is in peril.
Does anyone else think that a gazillionaire...attempting to cripple the President of the United States raises some warning signals? 
Does the word “plutocracy” occur to no one else?
This inconvenient bit of context aside, even Trump-hating David Frum sees the peril:
Anybody w access to this transcript also has access to many other secrets. Trusted people are breaking career-long habits to thwart Trump
This move is part of a larger effort, to overthrow the results of a legitimate election, led by plutocrats and the Deep State.  
William Jacobson is entirely correct when he documents the slow-motion coup that has been underway..."
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