Thursday, August 03, 2017

Crabber Says Sea Level Same Since 1970 | The Daily Caller

Crabber Says Sea Level Same Since 1970 | The Daily Caller:
Image result for al gore liar"Al Gore was challenged on climate science Tuesday night when the mayor of Tangier Island, a community threatened by coastal erosion, told the environmentalist film producer he hadn’t seen the sea level change since he began his first career as a commercial crabber in 1970.
Gore was taking questions from the audience at a CNN town hall with Anderson Cooper when the fisherman and Tangier Island mayor James Eskridge refuted Gore’s assertion that rising sea levels were endangering coastal communities.
“I’m a commercial crabber and I’ve been working the Chesapeake Bay for 50+ years.
I have a crab house business out on the water and the water level is the same as it was when the place was built in 1970,” Eskridge said.
“I’m not a scientist, but I am a keen observer and if sea level rises are occurring, why am I not seeing signs of it?”
Eskridge went on to say that erosion was slowly eating away at the island, but it was a natural force caused by “wave action [and] storms.”
“Have [the storms] increased any?” Gore asked.
“Not really,” Tangier’s mayor responded..."

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