Saturday, August 05, 2017

[H]ardOCP: Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation

[H]ardOCP: Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?
"Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?
Professor of psychology Jean M. Twenge, has written an incredible article on how the Smartphone and social media has been shaping a generation, and it does not look good. 
Image result for Smartphones Destroyed a GenerationIn it she goes into the sharp swings in characteristics including fleeting desire for independence and dating, as well as increased rates of depression, suicide, and delayed adolescence.
While this article is quite lengthy, it is full of amazing information. 
We reported a similar story last month, but this one is much more substantial. 
The small portion about childhood is stretching longer was quite interesting, and I could not even imagine not having a desire to drive. 
These massive swings in behavior, mental health, and attitude are quite worrying..."
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