Wednesday, August 02, 2017



Boots or Heels?

By Tammy Derouin

A liberal asked, “What is with Trump and his bans? Now he doesn’t want transgenders in the military?” There are two very important issues in this question with consequences that could easily affect several generations.

Image result for flickr commons images High HeelsImage result for U.S. Army BootsIf we want to remain free and independent, we have to protect our borders, keeping individuals out who seek to destroy our country. We also have to employ the best individuals to do this job. Anyone struggling between boots or heels should be excluded from the military.

Islam promotes conquest, enslavement and death. There is sheer hatred for Christians, Jews, women, homosexuals, anyone that doesn't agree with them, freedom in general and the United States as a whole. Individuals need to be vetted, scrutinized, before they are allowed into our home. Take a look at your family. Are there any females, homosexuals, transgenders or individuals who like to speak their minds in your family unit? Take a look at Islam and Sharia Law. Understand that you are welcoming death and destruction into our country and into your personal life. Knowing the truth is vital to our survival.

The hatred being launched at our president for protecting our country is unreal.......

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