Wednesday, August 09, 2017



Power and Control

By Tammy Derouin

We have reached a disturbing time in our history, a time where many people are simply content being deceived. It's easier to be fed lies rather than search out or demand the truth. The evidence is very obvious which is why the Left continues to grow, causing more harm to our country.

Image result for flickr commons images Prison bars and shaklesAs an American, I value my rights and the rights of other Americans to speak their minds, even if I do not agree with them. That's a very important issue these days. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to speak, but only if you support one particular party or some sort of politically approved social agenda.

I would much rather know how someone thinks or feels rather than constantly second guess the motives behind their words or actions. A socialist, communist, or a supporter of Sharia Law has definite beliefs. Understanding those beliefs are crucial to our survival. Of course, in today's world, the evils of these ideologies are not being taught. Such beliefs favor extensive government control in every aspect of our life. Those who support Sharia are anti-female, anti-gay and just plain anti-freedom in general. It's amazing how many females refuse to take a closer look at Islam. Ignorance will not be bliss.

The citizens in these types of heavily controlled, political ideologies become prisoners. Freedom and self-reliance are not valued. If people truly understood what they were welcoming, they would be slamming on the breaks and going into full reverse. The Constitution would be dusted off and they would be clinging to it as if their life depended on it, and in many ways, it does.

This is why freedom of speech is so important.......

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