Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Lots of rich, wisdomly Clarice. Read it all!-----Articles: A Consequential President in the Time of Pygmies

Articles: A Consequential President in the Time of Pygmies:
"Once when my son was about 6 or 7 I took him to the circus with some of his friends. 
The acrobats, clowns, and lion tamer in the center ring enthralled the other kids. 
Not him. 
He turned to me and said, “How do you think they make money producing a circus? I think it’s the concessions.” 
It struck me then that among the people in the world, there are some -- too few, actually -- who are not distracted by spectacles, but, instead, keep their eyes on the bottom line.
That’s how I see the President. 
His stated goals have always been to make us safe, get the economy booming, enable a job-creation economy, and make life better and safer for all Americans.
As the news is filled with tittle-tattle about the phony baloney Russian collusion story and moronic punditry, the president keeps plowing on with his agenda.American Digest lists 220 things the President has achieved while in office, despite the vitriolic attacks on him and what appears to be a silent coup by the press, bureaucrats, and entrenched officeholders...
The stock market is booming although the NYT twists itself into a pretzel to deny the President’s role in this, per Tom Maguire: 
Just imagine how different the tone of The Resistance would be if the stock market were in hideous retreat, as per Nobel Laureate Krugman's infamous early prediction in response to Trump's election.
But that pesky stock market keeps going up! So the Times explains why, doing their Very Bestest to keep Trump out of it. Spoiler Alert: They nearly succeed.
‘Wall Street, Climbing Sharply, Skips Washington’s ‘Soap Opera’
By Nelson D. Schwartz  Aug 2, 2017
Despite the disorder in Washington — with a revolving door at the White House and roadblocks on Capitol Hill — Wall Street and corporate America are booming...
"...Meanwhile, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has brought the grand jury proceedings to Washington D.C. which as  I have already noted, and Professor Alan Dershowitz  agrees, is a highly partisan anti-Republican venue, and he has continued to stack his team with Democratic lawyers most of whom have donated to Hillary, supported the Democrats, and some have even expressed anti-Trump sentiments.
Is he trying to provoke his firing and a crisis? 
Or is he continuing the game he and James Comey first played on President Bush with the nonsensical Plamegate investigation, which in both cases were ginned up by false reports from left-wing provocateur David Corn?
In the meantime, pay attention to the bottom line. 
Trump is not losing. 
The media and the Democratic party they work for are."
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