Friday, August 04, 2017

Must read!!-----Misery Doesn't Cause Revolution | Faster, Please!

Misery Doesn't Cause Revolution | Faster, Please!
"I keep watching the videos from Venezuela, hundreds of thousands of protesters calling for an end to the Chavez-Maduro era.  
And I ask myself, why is this manifestly failed regime still in place?  
People are starving.  
The stores are empty.  
Doesn’t revolution ensue when misery reaches a turning point?  
So how come there’s no evidence that
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Many reasons:
--Because misery doesn’t cause revolution, whatever you may have been taught.  
Not in Venezuela, not in Iran, not in North Korea.  
Certainly the citizens in those countries are miserable, but I don’t think that revolution is about to erupt in any of them.  
I think that politics is an independent variable, not, as the Marxists would believe, the outcome of certain social conditions.  
Its causes are spiritual, not material.  
I think that revolution is an act of hope, not a last, desperate throw of the dice.  
The revolutionaries think they can change the world, and they think—nowadays, at least—that powerful forces are working on their side...
So it’s political.  
It’s not the economy, stupid..."
And this from comments:
Image result for North Korea miseryWonderful insight in this short article: the cause of revolution is not material, but spiritual, and then you link spirituality to hope. The engine of revolution is hope for the future; material misery may or may not be also present. Without hope, the people endure the misery because they can't conceptualize a way out. The writers of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution saw clearly into the future and were willing to die for the truths they saw. I would further say that not being able to conceptualize hope is a kind of hypnosis or mind control, especially in the case of North Korea. That control would be, spiritually speaking, evil.
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