Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The Shaming of White America | US Defense Watch

The Shaming of White America | US Defense Watch
"Every day some leftist or MSM publication publishes an article decrying how white Americans are ruining the American dream, and destroying progress.
They state that no one should listen to white people because of something done by whites in the past. ...White people elected President Trump; therefore, you have proof that they are bad for this nation. Day in and day out, stories run about the shameful behavior of white people in America.  
...According to the MSM, whites in America are the cause of all the problems facing this nation.
Image result for white privilege memeTo them we are some homogenous group that attack blacks, women (all colors), Muslims, atheists, and gays capriciously.
...whites are the vast majority of American’s citizenry.
...White European men created civilization, communications (the written word), science, health, medicine, art, music, and poetry.
No other civilization has ever matched it.
...That is not to underestimate the impact of white women, who stood alongside those early founders of this nation.
In fact, the civility of this nation can be directly attributed to those women; all white.
While men fought for our independence, most women raised the next generation, civilizing them and instilling the lessons of God, honor, and mom’s apple pie.
Together they created what was to be known as the American Dream..."
Really great!
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