Sunday, January 28, 2018

The Islamization of Germany in 2017: Part II

The Islamization of Germany in 2017: Part II:
  • "We must expect further attacks by individuals or terror groups. Islamist terrorism is the biggest challenge facing the BfV and we see it as one of the biggest threats facing the internal security of Germany." — Hans-Georg Maa├čen, President of Germany's BfV domestic intelligence agency.
  • Image result for Islamism in GermanyNearly half (45%) of all crime suspects in Berlin in 2016 were migrants, according to official statistics published by the Berliner Morgenpost.
  • Thieves broke into an immigration office in the Moabit district of Berlin and stole up to 20,000 blank passports and other immigration documents as well as official stamps and seals.
  • Around 30,000 rejected asylum seekers have disappeared and the government has no idea where they are, according to Bild.
  • "One cannot kill millions of Jews so you can bring millions of their worst enemies in their place." — German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.
The following is a chronological survey of some of the main stories about Islam and Islamism in Germany during the second half of 2017. 
Part 1 of this series can be found here..."
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