Wednesday, January 31, 2018

This should be a tar and feather moment!!-----Ways & Means Committee Minutes – January 23, 2018

 WM18/01 – 04 
"It was moved by (RINO) Commissioner Snider, supported by (RINO) Commissioner Engle, to approve a one-time transfer of $1.7 million from the Senior Millage Fund (1060) to Brookhaven Medical Care Facility (2900) as of September 30, 2017, for services provided to seniors during FY2017 and further authorize the General Fund to transfer any remaining funds needed in FY2017 to cover the deficit."

1. Who/what entity, EXACTLY, is getting the money?
2. Was the Senior Millage written to allow this? Was the spirit of the millage intended to allow this?
3. What the heck does "...any remaining funds needed..." mean?!!!
4. How can the county board UNANIMOUSLY vote for this without these answers?

Recall the board!!!

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