Saturday, January 13, 2018

Why Doesn't Aid Work? | Cato Unbound

Why Doesn't Aid Work? | Cato Unbound:
See the source image"...UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown recently gave a compassionate speech about the tragedy of extreme poverty afflicting billions of people, with millions of children dying from easily preventable diseases.
...However, Gordon Brown was silent about the other tragedy of the world’s poor.
This is the tragedy in which the West already spent $2.3 trillion on foreign aid over the last 5 decades and still had not managed to get 12-cent medicines to children to prevent half of all malaria deaths. 
...Economic development happens, not through aid, but through the homegrown efforts of entrepreneurs and social and political reformers.
While the West was agonizing over a few tens of billion dollars in aid, the citizens of India and China raised their own incomes by $715 billion by their own efforts in free markets.
Once aid agencies realize that aid CANNOT achieve general economic and political development, they could start concentrating on fixing the system that fails to get 12-cent medicines to malaria victims..."
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