Tuesday, April 17, 2018

'Little Pink House' eminent domain case deserves more attention

'Little Pink House' eminent domain case deserves more attention:
"Susette Kelo's 'Little Pink House' movie shed lights on an often-ignored subject: Whether or not the government has the right to take your property.
Like some sort of HGTV dream, Susette Kelo found a house in the perfect location and within her budget. 
She lovingly restored and updated it, and lived there happily ever after.
See the source imageWell, until she was thrown out, to be precise. 
Because it wasn’t an HGTV dream, but an eminent domain nightmare.
Her “little pink house” (the color was actually called “Odessa Rose”) was condemned to make space for an industrial development project.
She fought the condemnation all the way to the Supreme Court but — in what was something less than the usual rosy Hollywood ending — she lost.
Her home was taken, her neighborhood was demolished, and then, adding insult to injury, the industrial redevelopment fell through and it turned out to have all been for nothing..."
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