Thursday, June 14, 2018

Should we continue to preserve the fictions around 'anchor babies'?

Should we continue to preserve the fictions around 'anchor babies'?
"My son and his wife went to a Boston hospital last weekend to induce labor. 
They were joined in a room by five other couples going through the same process. 
My son said one couple was Asian, where the man spoke English and the woman did not. 
See the source image did not seem very interested in the mother or the baby. 
Instead, he was very interested in getting the birth certificate and Social Security card.  
He said it was absolutely unacceptable that it would take six weeks to get those items.
Does it sound as though these two are contributing to our economic growth, or does it sound as though they are using us? 
They didn't have a pediatrician, and they couldn't afford to wait six weeks for documentation. 
Does anyone think they had insurance?
We use the term "anchor babies" to describe babies who are born here to parents who are not citizens.  
The open-borders lobby objects to the term as dehumanizing. 
But make no mistake: I've seen instances where the baby is just a pawn for the parents to get an anchor in the United States so they don't have to go through the normal legal naturalization process..."

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