Thursday, July 12, 2018

Democrats Endorse Judicial Tyranny

Democrats Endorse Judicial Tyranny:

Image result for flickr commons images judge gavelBecause Democrats have used the Court to impose their will on the people, they know that if the Court returns to its constitutional role as an impartial interpreter of the Constitution, the entire Democrat edifice -- ranging from ObamaCare to redefining marriage -- is at risk of tumbling down.
Of course, the Democrats really never had a choice; their policies are toxic and rejected by most people so that they could never have been passed through the democratic process.
But their winning run is about to end, and they’re furious because they know that they are better, more caring, and smarter than the rest of us. In their minds, denying them tyrannical powers is an affront to nature, and they’ve long since given up on the idea that there is a God who gives us unalienable rights.
That’s why they accept violence and incivility against people who simply stand for the Constitution; because Democrats can’t convince Americans they have to coerce them.

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