Thursday, July 12, 2018

New Army fitness standards. Now no push-ups, sit-ups

New Army fitness standards. Now no push-ups, sit-ups
"Every time the military changes their fitness requirements lately it leads to controversy. 
This is mostly because so many of the recent changes created at least the suggestion that accommodations were being made for female recruits, or perhaps even males who couldn’t meet the traditional standards. 
...Rather than doing two minutes of push-ups and two minutes of sit-ups, new exercises are being added which supposedly better simulate physical demands encountered on the battlefield. (Washington Times)
The Army Physical Fitness Test that soldiers have known since the 1980s — 2 minutes of pushups; 2 minutes of situps; the 2-mile run — will be retired before the end of the decade. While the 2-mile run will still conclude the assessment, five other events seen as a better predictor of successfully completing combat tasks have been added.
“The Army Combat Fitness Test [ACFT] will ignite a generational, cultural change in Army fitness and become a cornerstone of individual Soldier combat readiness,” Maj. Gen. Malcolm Frost, commander of the Army’s Center of Initial Military Training, said Monday. “It will reduce attrition and it will reduce musculoskeletal injuries and actually save, in the long run, the Army a heck of a lot of money.”
So they’re doing away with the sit-ups. 
The standard push-ups are gone, but they’re being replaced with a different style of push-up..."
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