Friday, October 12, 2018

The Canadian Mind: A Culture So Open, Its 'Brains Fall Out' | Trending

See the source imageThe Canadian Mind: A Culture So Open, Its 'Brains Fall Out' | Trending
"The Canadian national temper is a funny thing, riddled with contradictions.
It is plainly an abstraction, and yet it does seem to have discernible traits.
Some jokingly regard it as absurdly apologetic -- a Canadian is someone who says “sorry” when he is jostled.
Canadians are polite and amiable, pacifist by nature; they are the world’s peacekeepers.
Canadians regard themselves as morally superior, especially with regard to Americans. 
Canadians are inwardly attracted to failure, as Margaret Atwood contended in Survival -- Canadians have a will to lose as powerful as the American will to win.
And so on.
...Any nation the preponderance of whose citizens... 

  • regularly elects left-wing political parties; 
  • accepts single-payer healthcare; 
  • believes in the efficacy of the welfare state; 
  • endorses the hoax of global warming...; 
  • accommodates swarms of third-world immigrants and refugees who have no love for or understanding of a country becoming an open-to-all multicultural tombola with the highest proportionate rate of immigrants in the Western world; 
  • has allowed its educational industry, from pre-school to graduate school, to be corrupted possibly beyond retrieval by lockstep Leftism, “diversity and inclusion,” and “social justice” claptrap; 
  • has caved to the feminist and campus-rape fable; 
  • dutifully takes CBC Leftist propaganda as gospel; 
  • has fallen for the 16th Century meme of the “Noble Savage” in its dealings with the aboriginal peoples; 
  • extravagantly celebrates a second-rate rock band like The Tragically Hip and names a street after it; 
  • reads (when it does read) tedious scribblers like the acclaimed Joseph Boyden and Ann-Marie MacDonald; 
  • and gives a complete ignoramus like Justin Trudeau a majority government on the strength of name and coiffure, 
cannot be regarded as informed, well-educated or in any way distinguished. 
Unlike the U.S., there are no cracks, to quote Leonard Cohen, where the light gets in.
The Canadian political, cultural and academic spectrum has gone dark from end to end..."
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