Sunday, December 30, 2018

Pure, sick politics!-----Don Surber: Trump vindicated, media is silent

Don Surber: Trump vindicated, media is silent
Two months ago, Jamal Khashoggi was the thing. 
He died in Saudi Arabia's embassy in Istanbul apparently painfully and slowly. 
The Washington Establishment went whacko and demanded President Trump break relations with Saudi Arabia for the death of Khashoggi, whom the elitists described as a journalist for the Washington Post. 
He wrote 20 columns for the paper.
See the source imageThe media portrayed him as a journalist and portrayed Our President as a murderer of journalists by proxy.
Now we know the rest of the story. 
Khashoggi was a propagandist for Qatar, the one gulf state that sides with Syria and Iran.
...This admission vindicated President Trump's reluctance to break relations with an 80-year ally.
The Post should never have run the columns.
...Khashoggi's death has been illuminating. 
The press blindly took up his cause, elevating him to the status of Time Magazine Thing Of The Year.
David Reaboi, a security expert, wrote five days ago, "Once President Trump released a robust statement supporting the US-Saudi alliance, intense political pressure was felt from anti-Trump forces in the American media, which pushed Democrats toward Qatar and Iran, and away from Saudi Arabia. 
Suddenly, the alliance had become a partisan issue; prominent Democrats in Congress began calling for a reevaluation of American policy toward the country..."

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