Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Living in Leftlandia

Living in Leftlandia
"As children we passed the time pretending to be grownups. 
We were doctors or cowboys or ballerinas or truck drivers. 
We built forts and made-up languages. 
See the source imageWe played school. 
We imagined our way through grand adventures –- and then, little by little, we turned into adults. 
Even those who actually became doctors and cowboys faced the reality of those challenging professions. 
Or we didn’t, and took up voting Democrat, ranting around in marches, and running for office instead.
It’s hard not to notice how little growing up those on the left have actually accomplished. 
They live in La-la Land, in Leftlandia, saturated in fantasies filled with pots of gold at the ends of LGBT rainbows. 
They never touch down. 
Just look at the fairytale multiverse they swoop around in:

  • Leftlandians actually believe that the world’s climate is something they can control, that man is so much greater than the God Who created the world that humans can use so much toilet paper, or so much gasoline that they can undo creation. 
  • They also believe that using fossil fuels to generate electricity with which to run our cars is somehow more environmentally sensible than just using the fossil fuels directly. When someone points out the damage –- both human and environmental –- done by building all those lithium batteries, the Leftlandians just cover their eyes and holler La-La-La-La..."

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