Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Russian Interference, the Steve Bartman of U.S. Politics | RealClearPolitics

Russian Interference, the Steve Bartman of U.S. Politics | RealClearPolitics
"...But here is the reality: Russia’s intrusion was very unwelcome and decidedly illegal, but the wildly disproportionate reaction by anti-Trump operatives in both government and media has far eclipsed the damage wrought by a minor 2016 foreign intelligence scheme. 
See the source imageThis totally unbalanced reaction represents the political equivalent to the Steve Bartman incident in Major League Baseball.  
In 2003, the Chicago Cubs led the National League Championship Series three games to two and had a 3-0 lead in game six at home, with one out in the eighth inning.  
A pop fly sailed foul but well within the left fielder’s reach. Lifelong Cubs fan Steve Bartman grabbed at the ball, as would many fans, interfering with Moises Alou’s attempted catch.  
Both players and fans massively overreacted, forcing Bartman to exit Wrigley Field with a security detail, but the kerfuffle would have been utterly forgotten had previously dependable Cubs shortstop Alex Gonzalez ended the inning moments later with a potential double play ground ball hit right to him.  
Instead, his rare error commenced an epic Cubs implosion that sent Chicago to defeat that night and in the ensuing NLCS game seven, vaulting the Marlins to the World Series.
As in politics, the point here is that the scapegoat, the Bartman, is not really to blame.  
Russians spending a whopping $100,000 on Facebook ads, per the Mueller Report, represents a miniscule rounding error compared to $81 million spent by the campaigns on Facebook within a presidential election where total direct and indirect spending reached into the billions of dollars..." 
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