Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Supremes to decide if 'sex' can be redefined - WND

Supremes to decide if 'sex' can be redefined - WND:

Image result for flickr commons images U.S. Supreme Court“Substituting ‘gender identity’ for ‘sex’ in nondiscrimination laws also threatens freedom of conscience,” the petition continued. “Statutes interpreted that way have the effect, for instance, of forcing doctors to participate in – or employers to pay for – surgical efforts to alter sex in violation of their deeply held beliefs…. In sum, the Sixth Circuit ushered in a profound change in federal law accompanied by widespread legal and social ramifications.”
“These are important policy questions that the people have the right to decide through their elected officials,” said ADF Senior Counsel Jim Campbell. “Unelected officials – whether bureaucrats or judges – don’t have the power to make these choices for us.”
When ADF sought Supreme Court review, nearly a year ago, it argued to the high court that “sex” means “sex,” and bureaucrats are not arbitrarily allowed to substitute “gender identity.”
“No court or federal agency has the authority to rewrite a federal statute. That power belongs solely to Congress,” said Alliance Defending Fund Senior Counsel Jim Campbell at the time.

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