Wednesday, June 26, 2019

UN revises population projections downward | TreeHugger

UN revises population projections downward | TreeHugger
"Annual growth will soon be negative everywhere except Africa.
For almost every issue we talk about on TreeHugger, there are always comments that the biggest cause of all our problems is population, that there are just too many people. 
Fertility rate is crashingBut as we have noted before, population growth is slowing and we really have a consumption crisis, not a population crisis.
Now, the United Nations Population Division has revised their population projections down again, as growth is declining more quickly than expected, populations are shrinking everywhere except Africa, and even it is slowing down. 
According to the Economist,
Birth rates are falling faster than expected in some developing countries. In the late 1980s Kenya had a fertility rate of 6.5, implying a woman could expect to have that many children. Two years ago the UN reckoned Kenya’s fertility rate would drop to 2.1 (the point at which the population sustains itself naturally) only in the late 2070s. Because of new data, it now thinks Kenya will reach that point a decade earlier.
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