Sunday, June 30, 2019

When Television News Anchors Become Gun Control Activists

When Television News Anchors Become Gun Control Activists
"On the subject of gun control, television news shows these days spout nothing more than propaganda. 
This past Sunday, seven million Americans watched CBS’s "60 Minutes" explain why “AR-15s are the choice of our worst mass murderers.”
See the source imageIt was the most-watched television program that day.
...But CBS was incredibly misleading in implying that AR-15’s are somehow uniquely designed for warfare.
...An AR-15’s .223-caliber bullets are so small that many states prohibit use of them for deer hunting. The fear is that these relatively small bullets will not kill the animals, but merely wound them, causing them to suffer.
These .223-caliber bullets are best for hunting small-game animals.
...But the military may stand to benefit from using .223-caliber bullets, because wounding rather than killing enemy troops is likely to slow down their comrades and greatly limit maneuverability. 
Indeed, each soldier that is wounded slows down the movement of about seven other soldiers.
...The ultimate irony is that if CBS and other gun control advocates succeeded in banning .223-caliber rifles, larger-caliber hunting rifles would become more popular.
A shot from such a gun would be more likely to kill someone.
Whether this misinformation is a result of ignorance or political bias, the end result is to make Americans less safe."
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