Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Why Trump’s Cyber Attack On Iran Was The Right Move-David Marcus

Why Trump’s Cyber Attack On Iran Was The Right Move

  • Cyber attacks are the future of warfare. By launching one against Iran, Trump has increased the threat to Iran without plunging the United States into war.

"President Trump faced a difficult choice in the wake of Iran’s downing of an American drone over the Strait of Hormuz last week. 
...High-ranking military officials I have spoken to consider the cyber threat to the United States to be the greatest we face from foreign adversaries.
...There are basically two types of cyber attacks that nations or non-state actors can employ. 

  • One is informational; 
  • the other degrades actual capabilities of computer networks. 

Image result for Cyber Attack iran...The far more serious threat lies in attacks that degrade actual computing and network capabilities. The Pentagon’s top concern in this area is referred to as a cyber Pearl Harbor. 
This would look something like a foreign power shutting down the electrical grids in major U.S. cities. Such an attack could kill thousands of Americans very quickly. 
...A cyber Pearl Harbor which leveled that kind of death and destruction would almost certainly be viewed as an outright act of war that must be met with a conventional warfare response. 
However, smaller-scale degrading cyber attacks, such as the one Trump ordered, exist on a murkier spectrum of destruction and response. 
It is not clear exactly what level of degradation of computing capabilities would cross the line that calls for a conventional response. 
This is exactly why it was the right move for Trump..."
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