Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Politics By Infomercial | Intellectual Takeout

Politics By Infomercial | Intellectual Takeout
"...Modern political campaigns bear an uncomfortable resemblance to infomercials. 
Image result for used-car salesmanYou know the ones: a loud, fast-talking spokesperson appears on the television to point out a common problem.
My kids drew on the walls, someone scratched my car, I wish my blanket had sleeves.
Then they will excitedly offer a supposedly amazing solution. 
They’ll demonstrate their product and, viola!, the problem is solved.
This formula is used by most of the 2020 Democratic candidates.
Both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, for example, have promised to end the “student loan crisis” by “cancelling” the debt altogether.
It’s the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for education policy.
One brush and the debt is wiped away!
...Andrew Yang’s campaign is the most transparently transactional.
He wants to institute a universal basic income called the “Freedom Dividend.” 
Essentially his pitch is “Vote for me and when I’m elected I’ll give you all $1,000 a month!”
He’s a used-car salesman offering that big rebate that you just can’t pass up.
But buyer-beware: you’re probably being sold a lemon..."
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