Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Climate is Always Changing...----THE DAILY GLOBAL WARMING HOAX REPORT

"The Climate is Always Changing...
For the past half-century, the extent to which the planet is warming or cooling, and its causes, have become matters of scientific and political debate. 
For much of that time, the debate was not about global warming, but global cooling.
The modern era of instrument-derived record keeping goes back only about 150 years, to the 1880s. 
Satellite data go back only about 40 years. 
That means we don’t have a true baseline of global data that pre-dates the Industrial Revolution.
But from the data we do have, we can draw a few conclusions. 
From the 1880s until about 1910, the data suggest that the earth was cooling. 
Then, from about 1910 until about 1940, the earth seemed to be warming. From 1940 until about 1975 came another cooling trend.
...In 1974 Time magazine published “Another Ice Age?” 
It looked at the data from the “cooling period” of the previous 25 years and arrived at a similar conclusion."
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