Sunday, June 28, 2020

"Law enforcement is necessary because crime exists."---Fans of Best of the Web Today

Image result for "defund the police"Fans of Best of the Web Today--Michael Smith
"Law enforcement is necessary because crime exists. 
Crime was not created to give law enforcement officers a job.
The situations of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks were significantly different but share an important commonality - both men had extensive criminal histories which clearly factored into the perspective of the police during the interaction with both men. 
Those histories informed the low enforcement officers on the scene that a negative reaction to detainment was at least possible, if not likely.
Minneapolis is about to find out about predicates. 
They are about to find out that abolishing law enforcement officers does NOT eliminate crime.
One thing of which you can be sure, any amount of funding that gets cut from the budget as they "defund the police" will never be returned to the taxpayer - more ineffective social programs are in the offing."

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