Sunday, October 18, 2020

Boston University exempts Black Lives Matter events from COVID size limits | The College Fix

Boston University exempts Black Lives Matter events from COVID size limits | The College Fix
  • Other events must get ‘advance’ permission to exceed 25 people
"Want to go marching for racial justice? Don’t worry about Boston University’s 25-person gathering limit in the name of COVID-19 prevention.
...bizarrely claimed the administration was not making an exception to its rules for only one cause.
...Because the outcome “underscores the profound, heartbreaking consequences of racism and prejudice,” and Boston University is “focused on eliminating systemic racism in our society and in our midst,” administrators understand that “many in our community will be motivated to give voice to anger and heartbreak through protest.”
The letter did not direct students to observe any particular restrictions while they protest the grand jury result. Instead, it urged them to “make your personal safety one of your primary concerns”...Read all.


Unknown said...

So then, does that mean that a protest for All Lives Matter would be allowed? Because at my age of 60, being retired, I now have time to think up these fun little solutions to regulations on freedom.
I did sign the petition to make Michigan's Empress of Lansing open the state back up. But that was nothing more than the time it took to stop my car in a parking lot,and walk over and sign the petition, and thank those who were giving their time.
I myself disagree that we have any systemic racism in America. Any racism is on an individual and personal level. To say that there is no racism in America would be, of course, completely wrong. To say that the racism is on the part of only white Americans, would also be wrong. I have seen racism from most ethnic groups.
And while many often will say that black neighborhoods have the highest crime rates, I prefer to not use race, but instead to look at the poverty level,and can see that it doesn't matter whether the neighborhood is black, white, or any combination of the rainbow, the poorer the area,the more despair,and the greater the amount of crime, driven by issues such as drug use, petty theft,and other mere symptoms of poverty.
One other thing that I have noticed is that the poorest people tend to look after each other, more than waiting for the government to do it for them. Having been in those shoes myself, at one time, I have seen personally how people like that come together and give to each other, items that they didn't need, but the others could use.


Jim Riley said...

Pig, I agree totally! Well said! Hopefully Trump will win and you won't get put on a "list". Me too!