Friday, November 20, 2020

Rudy and Sidney’s Krakentastic Spectacle, and What It Could Mean

Rudy and Sidney’s Krakentastic Spectacle, and What It Could Mean
"...What Trump’s legal team...offered Thursday were allegations of the largest criminal conspiracy to corrupt the political system in world history.
That isn’t an exaggeration. 
It’s what Giuliani and Powell, in particular, offered to the mostly hostile media who showed up to the press conference.
The stock reaction to the presentation is what it’s always been; namely that Team Trump is all allegations and no evidence. 
That reaction persists following the conference, and it says much more about those spewing it than the presentation itself.
  • Evidence, after all, is something most appropriate to a court of law. 
  • Evidence is for a trier of fact.
You do not see the prosecutor bringing the bloody knife to the press conference on the courthouse steps following the arraignment, and no one expects the prosecutor to do that. 
But that’s what’s demanded of Giuliani and Powell so far.
...So let’s forget about whether Team Trump has met the media’s evidentiary standard, which as we know floats about like a buoy in a hurricane. 
That standard was far lower when it came to the Steele dossier and the Russia hoax, after all, and it was certainly lower with respect to the New York Times‘ allegations about Trump’s tax records or the Atlantic’s unsourced, or “anonymously sourced” allegations about “suckers and losers.” 
Just ask Facebook and Twitter, for example.
Instead, let’s examine the Kraken, which Giuliani and Powell clearly described in Thursday’s presentation after Powell had promised to release it this week...Read all!

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