Friday, May 14, 2021

History for May 14

History for May 14 -
George Lucas 1944 - Film producer, screenwriter, director ("Star Wars" movie series)
  • 1787 - Delegates began gathering in Philadelphia for a convention to draw up the U.S. Constitution.
  • 1804 - William Clark set off the famous expedition from Camp Dubois. A few days later, in St. Louis, Meriwether Lewis joined the group. The group was known as the "Corps of Discovery."
  • 1853 - Gail Borden applied for a patent for condensed milk.
  • 1897 - "The Stars and Stripes Forever" by John Phillip Sousa was performed for the first time. It was at a ceremony where a statue of George Washington was unveiled.
  • 1942 - The Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC) was established by an act of the U.S. Congress.
  • 1948 - Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the independent State of Israel as British rule in Palestine came to an end.

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