Wednesday, June 30, 2021

"Sometimes you wonder if people are ignorant by choice."

Facebook--Michael Smith
"Just saw where Fake Jake Tapper's CNN show has lost 75% of its audience since January. 
...Probably not a real surprise, without a Republican in the White House, the audience doesn't need to be told what to be mad about every day because they swallow every WH press release as if it were real news.
  • When you are living in an information society bifurcated by politics, the genetic fallacy (accepting or rejecting information based on where it comes from) is more pronounced and especially pernicious.
  • I've also noticed another fallacy rising, especially when discussing things like Critical Race Theory. It is called the "normalcy bias" - if it hasn't happened to me, or I haven't heard about it, it hasn't happened at all. I've presented direct documentary evidence of teachers being indoctrinated in CRT (training materials) and students being taught it (assigned books and class syllabus) in our local schools, only to be greeted with "Well, that's not what I heard" and "I don't know any teachers who are using it in their classrooms".
Sometimes you wonder if people are ignorant by choice...Read all.

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