Monday, September 27, 2021

The Day of the Nitwits: Remember the Triffids? Well, the Green zealots are nearly as dangerous, argues PETER HITCHENS

PETER HITCHENS: Remember the Triffids? Green zealots are nearly as dangerous | Daily Mail Online
"Are we at the start of some huge and endless decline? 
Or is there really nothing to worry about? 
Our current state reminds me of John Wyndham’s brilliant novel The Day Of The Triffids, in which small, even silly or enjoyable, events turn out to be signs of an approaching nightmare.
Wyndham sets his story in a very normal modern Britain. 
At first, people laugh at the ridiculous walking plants on the newsreels. 
At first, they gaze happily at the spectacular meteor shower illuminating the night sky. 
Far too late they grasp that these were the beginnings of an utter transformation in their lives.
Of course there are no Triffids. 
But think of them as a metaphor.
...We seem to be complacent beyond belief as the signs of change multiply in our midst. 
Nothing works properly any more. 
Last week, this supposedly wealthy country experienced empty shelves in the shops...Read all.

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