Sunday, October 31, 2021

Climate change fueled witch hunts… Then and now

Climate change fueled witch hunts… Then and now
"European witch hunts of the 15th to 17th centuries targeted witches that were thought to be responsible for epidemics and crop failures related to declining temperatures of the Little Ice Age. 
A belief that evil humans were negatively affecting the climate and weather patterns was the “consensus” opinion of that time. 
How eerily similar is that notion to the the current oft-repeated mantra that Man’s actions are controlling the climate and leading to catastrophic consequences?
The first extensive European witch hunts coincided with plunging temperatures as the continent transitioned away from the beneficial warmth of the Medieval Warm Period (850 to 1250 AD).
...It appears that we haven’t learned the lessons of the 16th century and the dangers of stirring unfounded fears concerning changes to our climate. Perhaps in the not too distant future we will have the benefit of hindsight and realize...the natural cycles of the Sun and Earth that are operating today, just as they have for many millions of years...Read all.

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