Monday, October 25, 2021

History for October 25

History for October 25 -
Helen Reddy 1942
  • 1854 - The Charge of the Light Brigade took place during the Crimean War. The British were winning the Battle of Balaclava when Lord James Cardigan received an order to attack the Russians. He took his troops into a valley and suffered 40 percent caualties. Later it was revealed that the order was the result of confusion and was not given intentionally.
  • 1917 - The Bolsheviks (Communists) under Vladimir Ilyich Lenin seized power in Russia.
  • 1955 - The microwave oven, for home use, was introduced by The Tappan Company.
  • 1962 - U.S. Ambassador Adlai Stevenson presented photographic evidence to the United Nations Security Council. The photos were of Soviet missile bases in Cuba.
  • 1971 - The U.N. General Assembly voted to expel Taiwan and admit mainland China.
  • 1983 - U.S. troops and soldiers from six Caribbean nations invaded Grenada to restore order and provide protection to U.S. citizens after a recent coup within Grenada's Communist (pro-Cuban) government.

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