Friday, October 29, 2021

We must end the culture of performative repentance--TaxProf Blog

TaxProf Blog The 2L At The Center Of The Yale Email Controversy: 'We Must End The Culture Of Performative Repentance'
"We must end the culture of performative repentance. ...
I don’t believe that the now-common ritual of compelled apology, complete with promises to “grow” and “do better” (their words, but ones I’m sure you’ve seen many times before) helps anyone, or is even intended to. 
If we continue to indulge this culture of performative denunciation, the very idea of an apology will lose its meaning.
...Before they ever step inside a classroom to learn torts or contracts, first-year students are required to attend diversity and inclusion training which teaches us to see racism all around us in the form of microaggressions and implicit bias, prioritize lived experience, and engage in the confessional sacrament of acknowledging one’s privilege.
...Yale Law School goes further...calling people out means relentlessly demanding the offender admit fault and beg for forgiveness—as my experience shows, this pressure comes from students and administrators alike...Much here, with links. Read all.

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