Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Anyone think they'll be nicer to DeSantis than Trump? NO WAY!-----Ron DeSantis Now Being Accused of 'Torture' During Military Career

Ron DeSantis Now Being Accused of 'Torture' During Military Career - By Bonchie 
"As DeSantis’ star has grown, the attacks against him have become more and more absurd. 
  • What political observer could forget when ’60 Minutes’ tried to accuse him of selling access to the coronavirus vaccines? 
  • Or when the press rallied around a mentally-ill grifter who lied about DeSantis forging COVID-19 data? Even the White House has accused him of essentially murdering people.
  • Given that, it was just a matter of time before things got even weirder, and boy, have they gotten weirder. According to a supposed former inmate at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, DeSantis led a “torture” regime against him and others at the prison.

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