Monday, November 21, 2022

HOW IT STARTED: [In 2018!) Diplomats Say They Were Definitely Laughing At Trump At The UN

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HOW IT STARTED: Diplomats Say They Were Definitely Laughing At Trump At The UN – Via Buzzfeed, September 26 2018. “When Trump focused part of his Tuesday address on Germany and warned that “Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course,” the German delegation was caught smirking on camera....
  • HOW IT’S GOING: Germans Attend ‘Blackout Courses’ as Energy Crisis Worsens Ahead of Christmas – Via Legal Insurrection, November 13,2022. 
  • “With Russian energy supplies drying out and nation’s gas reserves running low, most Germans seem to have to resigned to their fate, and are looking for ways to cope with the impending blackouts and power shortages ahead of Christmas, news reports suggest...
  • The French TV channel Euronews reported Saturday that “a growing number of Germans are turning to citizens’ courses to learn how to act if they find themselves plunged into darkness.”
  • Always glorious to see Late Stage Liberalism in action. 
Capitalism is not a philosophy, it is a fact. Liberalism is a philosophy, and a failed one.

REUTERS.COM - Growing number of Germans won't be left in dark with blackout courses

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