Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Lot's of good advice here!-----“The Preppers Were Right All Along”

“The Preppers Were Right All Along”
  • Bloomberg News reports on how the prepping movement has accelerated. 
  • Back in August 2021, I wrote how I was “Prepping for the Worst,” and I’m glad I did.
"...The pandemic made clear we live on a thin line that can be disrupted. 
It’s not unthinkable that our key systems — the electric grid, natural gas supply, gasoline — could fail….
So all in all, I no longer view “preppers” as crazy. 
Maybe they were right, just early. 
  • Better early than late.
...We followed up in August of 2022 with an online event, VIDEO: Prepping For The Worst – Basic Survival Strategies For Everyone,..

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