Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The "public/private" partnership of the corrupt media and the privileged elite(think Hunter Biden)-----A Grand Puzzlement

A Grand Puzzlement -  Sgt. Mom
"...considering the near-apocalyptic collapse of Sam Bankman-Fried’s Futures Exchange.
...It was curious and ironic that Bankman-Fried and his merry band of wonderkind were so elevated by the finance press … as if he had discovered some great hitherto unknown secret to grubbing wealth unfathomable, secrets unknown to the rest of us mere mortals. 
...Bankman-Fried and his friends appear to be the children of privilege – just like Elizabeth Holmes, of Theranos ill-fame, who by striking coincidence, was sentenced this week. 
  • ...One wonders how much of it was due to the intensely favorable press 
  • … and how much the assumption from those who enthusiastically backed Theranos, that ‘she’s one of us, one of the elite, well-connected, gradate of a prestigious university, the daughter of so-and-so; she couldn’t possibly intend to pull a scam on us!’ 
I assume that it was the same with Bankman-Fried; ‘oh, he couldn’t possibly scam us! He’s one of us!”

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