Sunday, January 22, 2023

History for January 22

History for January 22 - 
Joseph Wambaugh 1936
  • 1771 - The Falkland Islands were ceded to Britain by Spain.
  • 1879 - British troops were massacred by the Zulus at Isandhlwana.
  • 1901 - Queen Victoria of England died after reigning for nearly 64 years. Edward VII, her son, succeeded her.
  • 1903 - The Hay-Herrán Treaty was signed by United States Secretary of State John M. Hay and Colombian Chargé Dr. Tomás Herrán. The treaty granted the United States rights to the land proposed for the Panama Canal.
  • 1917 - U.S. President Wilson pleaded for an end to war in Europe, calling for "peace without victory." America entered the war the following April.
  • 1947 - KTLA, Channel 5, in Hollywood, CA, began operation as the first commercial television station west of the Mississippi River.
  • 1950 - Alger Hiss, a former adviser to U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, was convicted of perjury for denying contacts with a Soviet agent. He was sentenced to five years in prison.
  • 1970 - The first regularly scheduled commercial flight of the Boeing 747 began in New York City and ended in London about 6 1/2 hours later.

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