Monday, January 23, 2023

Must read!!-----TikTok is a Chinese Superweapon - by Gurwinder - The Prism

TikTok is a Chinese Superweapon - by Gurwinder - The Prism
  • ...TikTok’s capacity to stupefy people, both acutely by encouraging idiotic behavior, and chronically by atrophying the brain, should prompt consideration of its potential use as a new kind of weapon, one that seeks to neutralize enemies not by inflicting pain and terror, but by inflicting pleasure.
"...Last month FBI Director Chris Wray warned that TikTok is controlled by a Chinese government that could “use it for influence operations.” 
So how likely is it that one such influence operation might include addicting young Westerners to mind-numbing content to create a generation of nincompoops?
  • The first indication that the Chinese Communist Party is aware of TikTok’s malign influence on kids is that it’s forbidden access of the app to Chinese kids. 
...Has the CCP enforced such rules to protect its people from what it intends to inflict on the West? 
When one examines the philosophical doctrines behind the rules, it becomes clear that the CCP doesn’t just believe that apps like TikTok make people stupid, but that they destroy civilizations...

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