Saturday, January 21, 2023

Turning California into hell - Don Surber

Turning California into hell - Don Surber
"Charlie Daniels was wrong. 
  • The devil did not go down to Georgia. 
  • He went down to California sometime in the 1960s
Easier pickings. 
The devil took an American paradise of homes, sunshine and beaches and turned it into a chaotic mess with rows of pup tents filled with strung-out people. 
  • Illegal aliens have replaced middle class people who either died or left. 
The stores are under assault by shoplifters as the police must look the other way lest they get in trouble and risk their pensions.
The Los Angeles Times foolishly compared California to Florida in a 2,000-word story that mentioned everything except population. 
It led the nation in population loss...

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