Thursday, March 16, 2023

DeSantis Is Right About Ukraine

DeSantis Is Right About Ukraine
"...The Ukrainians have to do what the Ukrainians have to do – I do not blame them for trying to wring dough and bombs out of Uncle Sucker.
Nor am I upset that they appear to prefer to fight and die rather than enter into negotiations that will leave Russians on their territory. 
I get it. They are patriots supporting their country. 
  • But we normal Americans are patriots too, and our country is the United States. 
  • We expect Ukraine to pursue its national interests, but we expect America’s leadership to pursue America’s national interests. 
  • And it is in our national interest to get this war ended, even if it means Putin holds ground his forces conquered.
The whiners will whine that this is a betrayal of Ukraine. 
It’s not. 
We cannot betray a country that it not our own. 
It is instead a rational and ruthless bit of realpolitik – we must pursue America’s interests, not Ukraine’s. Ending this war is in America’s interest...

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